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Nam, Tchun-Mo

Through my works of art, I always want to portray a subtle aroma that I can smell inside my mind. Visualizing this aroma, I could come up with the word ‘haze’ that is soft and delicate. Although this scent is amorphous, it is so clear to me that I can describe it not only with materials, but also with transparent colors. Through a careful study, my scent gets transformed into a moderate and pure ‘aesthetically valuable piece of art’ that shows both conflicting characters of ‘sculpture – painting’ and ‘surface – depth.’

HOW TO WORK : I daub transparent synthetic resins on a soft cloth and wait until it gets dried. And then, I make U-shaped structures and affix them on a canvass in a certain pattern. I put acrylic paints on top of that. This is something similar to a ‘three-dimensional stroke’ that shows firm determination and a direction to move forward.

MATERIALS : I use synthetic resins, fabrics, acrylic paints and other industrial materials, symbolic creatures of the technological society, so as to reflect the reality of the society where I live. At the same time, I can make good use of characters of these materials such as directness and pureness.   

I extracted my U-shaped structure from my own curiosity as well as interest in space. This U-shaped structure presents lines and their structural relation in space. This ‘stroke’ is a combination of contradictory concepts such as softness in a solid structure, both closeness and openness of one space. Accordingly, it can be flexibly arranged in line with the atmosphere of an exhibition space. I do enjoy coming across ‘coincidences’ created through lights and shadows of a meaningful space made by me on the surface of a canvass.     

PURPOSE : I would like to see how drawing lines that give shape to ‘subconscious of arts’ – memories about lines - can be evolved into space and the other way round as well. Personally, I want to search for a better way to turn my own thoughts into fine pieces of art. My works of art are the outcome of my efforts to combine the ‘subtle aroma in my mind’ with the ‘subconscious of arts’ that connects me to the society.


Nam, Tchun-Mo,


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