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An Exhibition Landscape in Art' Loft Gallery

A Subtle Aroma In My Mind

Art' Loft Lee-Bauwens, Brussels, Belgium
​Sep 29 - Nov 30, 2016

Born in 1961, Yungyang, Korea, he lives and works in Daegu, Korea & in Cologne, Germany. Nam Tchun-Mo is a graduate from school of fine Art and M.F.A from Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea.

Through repetition of simple lines and a mixture of oriental natural colors Nam Tchun-Mo creates works beyond the boundaries of sculpture and painting. Dynamic and rhythmic lines built on the surface of the canvas create harmony between light and shadow areas. His paintings are sculptural pieces where the lines are infinite space.

Colour and light are the key ingredients of Nam Tchun Mo’s art. He is constantly playing on them, exploiting the most varied resources of the chromatic spectrum – orange, yellow, purple, blue, vermilion, etc. – while not neglecting the subtle modulations of black and white.

«Through my works of art, I always want to portray a subtle aroma that I can smell inside my mind. Visualizing this aroma, I could come up with the word ‘haze’ that is soft and delicate. Although this scent is amorphous, it is so clear to me that I can describe it not only with materials, but also with transparent colors. Through a careful study, my scent gets transformed into a moderate and pure ‘aesthetically valuable piece of art’ that shows both conflicting characters of « sculpture – painting » and « surface – depth.»

Nam Chun-Mo is an artist representing the new generation of Korean monochrome movement Dansaekhwa. Recently, he won the 1st prize of the foundation Hachonghyn rewarding a great master of the movement Dansaekhwa.

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